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My cycling trip to Jutland, Denmark

During spring 2022 I went to Denmark to visit friends. What is nicer than travelling by bike?I made this trip already a few times, but this time I took the time to take some video shots along the trip. Ideally, I would take my new Canon R6 camera with me, but I wanted to travel […]

Amsterdam short

Testing my small travel camera Sony RX100 VA This is a short video that I took in Amsterdam to test my small travel camera before I will use it on my upcoming trip to Denmark.It’s always a difficult decision: professional camera plus lenses with a lot of weight, or a pocket camera.I decided to take […]

A View of Delft

Delft is a mid-sized town in The Netherlands with a rich history. Johannes Vermeer painted “Gezicht op Delft” (A View of Delft) around [1660]. You can see this painting in the Mauritshuis in The Hague. The very spot from where Vermeer saw Delft, still offers a beautiful view. Delft is also famous for its Delft […]

Traffic near The Hague bus station

Actually, I was planning to shoot a timelapse near the government centre, but the light and the clouds were not in the right position. So I went to the Central station to shoot traffic near The Hague bus station. This is supposed to become part of a series short videos and timelapses in The Hague. […]
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