Moving clouds above the Three Windmills near The Hague

A short history of the three windmills near The Hague

A polder just outside The Hague is the location of three windmills. These three windmills date from 1672 and were operational until 1951 to keep the polder dry. One of the three windmills burned down in the 20th century and was rebuild. Until today they are a landmark and offer a very characteristic view of a Dutch polder with windmills and a Dutch sky. With this timelapse I tried to capture the moving clouds above the three windmills.
Here you can find more information about these windmills. During the season you can visit the windmills.

The making of the timelapse

This timelapse shows the moving clouds in the sky above the three windmills. During the last few weeks I waited for nice clouds, but day after day it was just grey outside. Finally, a week ago, it was the right weather to make a timelapse of the three mills.

Actually, I was not really satisfied with the results. I underexposed the images sequence and although I shoot in RAW, the final result is not as I hoped. I shot the images with my ‘second’ camera, the Panasonic FZ2000, which has less quality than my Canon 5D Mark III. I wanted to try this camera to see how it survived a 40 minutes sequence of 800 images with an interval of 3 seconds. It went quite well.

So I went back on Sunday to shoot a new timelapse sequence. This time with my Canon 5D Mark III. The sky was changing from completely overcast to somewhat cloudy. I had to hurry because the sky was changing rapidly: overcast, nice clouds, blue, overcast, rainy. Fortunately I was there at the right time.
The result is shown in the current timelapse.

If you want to learn more about timelapses, please visit my ‘how to’ page.

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