Sunset with traffic in Wassenaar

A sunset with traffic is an excellent way to try out the so called holy grail timelapse. If you want to learn more about what a timelapse is and what a holy grail timelapse is, you can read more [here].

My first holy grail timelapse outside

Although it is not difficult as such, you have to do a lot of little things the right way. If you, like me, tend to forget things, a checklist is helpful. I am using this checklist: [link]

After a first experiment from my window at home, I went to a nearby crossing to make my first outside holy grail timelapse: “sunset with traffic in Wassenaar”.

Cold and dark.

The final result is what counts and I am reasonably content with the result. At the same time, I realised that a structured approach is essential. My learning points of this shoot are:

  • always check if all batteries are fully charged
  • keep all equipment well organised in your backpack; it’s dark when you are finished and you easily forget some small equipment on the shooting location. (I was standing on a quite dark spot in grass).
  • if the weather becomes cold and windy, you should take a warm coat with you.

All together it was a nice experience to shoot this ‘sunset with traffic”.

The editing process.

If you are interested in my editing process, you can read moer [here].

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