Traffic near The Hague bus station

Actually, I was planning to shoot a timelapse near the government centre, but the light and the clouds were not in the right position. So I went to the Central station to shoot traffic near The Hague bus station. This is supposed to become part of a series short videos and timelapses in The Hague.

This shoot was taken on a Saturday morning, so it is not very busy. I like the clouds though.

I planned to shoot a little bit more than I actually did, but it was to cold to stay on a spot without moving. That’s one of my lessons learned: dress warmer than usual during winter when you go out for a timelapse shoot.

For visitors who are interested in the technicalities: this timelapse is composed from around 1400 images, with some cuts here and there. The camera is my new Canon EOS R6 with the lens RF 24-105 USM F4 L IS USM. I used a variable ND filter because the exposure of each image is 1/10 of a second at ISO 400 and f/8. I took a shot every 1.5 second. For more technical information see my ‘How to’ page.

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