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Wandelen in Graubünden, Zwitserland

Begin September 2022 waren we voor een wandelvakantie in Zwitserland.Heen en terug reisden we per trein. Deze video geeft een korte impressie van de omgeving. We logeerden in hotel Clarezia in Waltensburg.

A hot weekend at Scheveningen beach

It was hot, very hot, at least to Dutch standards.So I went to Scheveningen beach and shot this impression. Note: this is a draft. I still have to add references to the music.

My cycling trip to Jutland, Denmark

During spring 2022 I went to Denmark to visit friends. What is nicer than travelling by bike?I made this trip already a few times, but this time I took the time to take some video shots along the trip. Ideally, I would take my new Canon R6 camera with me, but I wanted to travel […]

Amsterdam short

Testing my small travel camera Sony RX100 VA This is a short video that I took in Amsterdam to test my small travel camera before I will use it on my upcoming trip to Denmark.It’s always a difficult decision: professional camera plus lenses with a lot of weight, or a pocket camera.I decided to take […]

A View of Delft

Delft is a mid-sized town in The Netherlands with a rich history. Johannes Vermeer painted “Gezicht op Delft” (A View of Delft) around [1660]. You can see this painting in the Mauritshuis in The Hague. The very spot from where Vermeer saw Delft, still offers a beautiful view. Delft is also famous for its Delft […]

Traffic near The Hague bus station

Actually, I was planning to shoot a timelapse near the government centre, but the light and the clouds were not in the right position. So I went to the Central station to shoot traffic near The Hague bus station. This is supposed to become part of a series short videos and timelapses in The Hague. […]

Voorlinden – a week after the skating

During the weekend of 14 February 2012 many people took the opportunity to skate on natural ice. Also at the Voorlinden estate in Wassenaar. Only one week later the temperatuur went 20˚C up and people were enjoying spring in February…

Skating in The Netherlands

Skating in The Netherlands, that seems to be something from the past, at least on natural ice. Last week we got more or less unexpected cold weather, resulting in skating possibilities during the weekend. As from monday temperatures went quickly up again, so the skating was a short pleasure. I took the opportunity to make […]

A little bit of snow

Until now we had little or no winter weather in The Netherlands. But last Saturday there was a little bit of snow. You had to pay attention or you would miss it. (I must add that I am living near the North Sea; more inland there was some more snowfall, but noting serious).I decided to […]

Moving clouds in winter

This time I take it the easy way: I made a timelapse ‘moving clouds in winter’ from my window. It a bit cold to go outside and stand next to my camera for over forty minutes. While I drink a cup of coffee downstairs, my camera is taking the photo sequence.

Moving clouds above the Three Windmills near The Hague

A short history of the three windmills near The Hague A polder just outside The Hague is the location of three windmills. These three windmills date from 1672 and were operational until 1951 to keep the polder dry. One of the three windmills burned down in the 20th century and was rebuild. Until today they […]

Sunset with traffic in Wassenaar

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